Cuisinart DCC-1100BK 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black

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The Cuisinart DCC-1100 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker You’ll love the way the Cuisinart Classic 12-cup programmable coffeemaker looks on the counter, as it’s brewing 12 cups of fabulous coffee. The Cuisinart Classic is a statement about how serious you are about your coffee ‒ and your kitchen. Enjoy the full programmability, extreme ease of use, and

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The Cuisinart DCC-1100 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

You’ll love the way the Cuisinart Classic 12-cup programmable coffeemaker looks on the counter, as it’s brewing 12 cups of fabulous coffee. The Cuisinart Classic is a statement about how serious you are about your coffee ‒ and your kitchen. Enjoy the full programmability, extreme ease of use, and great tasting coffee.

The Quest for a Perfect Cup of Coffee

It is generally agreed that there are four basic elements critical to the perfect cup:

Element 1. Water:
Coffee is 98% water. Often overlooked, the quality of the water is as important as the quality of the coffee. A good rule of thumb is that if your water doesn’t taste good from the tap, it won’t taste any better in your coffee. That’s why Cuisinart has added a water filter to the Cuisinart Classic 12-cup programmable coffeemaker. The charcoal water filter removes chlorine, bad tastes and odors, for the purest cup of coffee every time.

Element 2. Coffee:
While the bulk of the liquid is water, all of the flavor should be from the coffee. To achieve the same great quality of coffee you receive at a coffee bar, you need to use the same quality beans. Buy the beans fresh and whole, only about a two weeks’ supply at a time for maximum freshness. Once the coffee bean is broken, its flavor degrades very quickly. If it is not practical to buy small supplies, we recommend you separate larger amounts of beans into one to two week portions immediately after purchase, and freeze them in airtight containers. The best way to maximize freshness is to minimize exposure to air, light and moisture. So, once removed from the freezer, beans should be maintained in a sealed container at room temperature, since damaging condensation occurs every time the beans are removed from the freezer or refrigerator. Note that some coffee experts advise against freezing dark-roast beans, because freezing can cause the oils to coagulate. Other experts disagree. We suggest you experiment and decide yourself.

The Perfect Cup of Coffee The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Element 3. Grind:
The grind of the coffee is critical for proper flavor extraction. If the grind is too fine, over extraction and bitterness will result. Too fine a grind may also clog the filter. If the grind is too coarse, the water will pass through too quickly and the desired flavors will not be extracted. A medium-fine grind is recommended.

Element 4. Proportion:
The cups on the Cuisinart coffeemaker measure 5 ounces. Add the amount of ground coffee that corresponds to the number of cups being brewed. Many coffee bars and the Specialty Coffee Association of America recommend adding 2 rounded tablespoons of coffee per 6 ounces of water. Some coffee manufactures recommend using 1 tablespoon per cup. Cuisinart recommends using 1 tablespoon of ground coffee per cup, but use more or less to suit your taste. Note: the maximum capacity for ground coffee is 15 tablespoons for the 12-cup coffeemaker. Exceeding this amount may cause overflow if the coffee is too finely ground.

Features and Benefits

Water and Coffee Filters Water & Coffee Filters DCC-1000 Controls LCD & Controls Reservoir Cover: Flips back for easy filling. Water Reservoir: Open the cover by lifting it up. Pour the desired amount of water in the reservoir using step water level indicator located at the rear of the reservoir. Showerhead: Distributes water evenly over coffee, reducing temperature loss as water passes through grounds. Water Filter: Charcoal water filter eliminates chlorine, calcium and bad tastes or odors from tap water. Cuisinart recommends changing the water filter every 60 days or 60 uses ‒ or more often if you have hard water. Filter Basket: Holds a #4 paper filter or a permanent filter. LCD Digital Clock: Displays the time of day and set time for automatic functions. Function Knob: Used to initiate programming of automatic functions ‒ Auto On, Auto Off, Program, Clock and Brew. The Auto On feature is used to program the start time of the brew cycle. The Auto On can be set for any time, day or night. The PM indicator is displayed on the LCD for nighttime program times. The Auto Off feature is used to shut off the coffeemaker at a preset time, anywhere from 0 to 4 hours. Note: To program the coffeemaker to shut off automatically, read the instructions included in the Instruction Manual under ‘To program the Variable Auto Off’ 1-4 Cup Setting: For brewing smaller pots of coffee. It provides double heating of the water, so coffee is piping hot. Clean Setting: Tells you when it’s time to clean your coffeemaker. Remove built-up calcification from the water reservoir, to help extend the life of your coffeemaker. Brew Pause: Stops flow of coffee from basket when carafe is removed (30 seconds max) from the heater plate, so a cup can be poured in mid-brew. Since the flavor extraction rate varies during the brew cycle, we recommend allowing the brewing cycle to finish before pouring the coffee. The coffee brewed at the beginning of the cycle has a flavor profile which is very different from the flavor at the end of the cycle. Once the coffee has finished brewing, stir it before serving to blend the flavors. The coffee at the bottom of the carafe will be somewhat stronger than the coffee at the top. Carafe: The easy pour, no drip, 12-cup glass carafe has an ergonomic handle and brewed coffee markings for two to twelve cups. Heating Plate: Scratch resistant with black, nonstick coating. Ready Tone: Signals the end of the brew cycle with five beeps (coffee will continue to stream from the filter for a few seconds after the tone). Cord Storage Power Loss Back-up System: One-minute protection in case of power fails, breaker trips, or unit is unplugged. It holds all programmed information, including the time of day, auto on time and auto off time.

Product Features

  • Fully automatic coffeemaker with 24-hour programmability
  • 12-cup carafe with ergonomic handle, dripless spout, and knuckle guard
  • 1- to 4-cup setting; brew pause; self cleaning; 60-second reset
  • Includes charcoal water filter, permanent gold-tone coffee filter, measuring scoop and instruction book
  • Measures approximately 8 by 8 by 14-1/4 inches; 3-year limited warranty


cancel says:

A very good coffee maker in spite of negative reviews After buying a succession of cheap coffee makers which broke down after a year or two and made mediocre coffee, I decided to upgrade to Cuisinart.I don’t agree with the negative comments about this product.The clock is easy to program and it’s clearly indicated that you should either use paper or gold filter (twice in the instructions). It’s also easy to pour water in the reservoir if you use the carafe. You can turn the coffee maker to the left, and the reservoir opening is easily accessible. Its opening is by no means tiny, as a reviewer described it.The center funnel which holds the filter is well situated and there is very little risk of dropping coffee grounds into the water reservoir.The carafe is well designed, with a comfortable handle. It pours neatly, without dripping coffee all over the counter, something which always happened with my old Mr. Coffee.You do have to realize the lid snaps down on top of the carafe. This is not explained in the…

R. Samanas "Coffee Addict" says:

Best coffee maker I ever had! My name is Ryan, and I’m a coffee addict… My habit ranges from 1 to 3 pots a day just to remain conscious. So you can understand the level of misery I have had to endure this past week as my 4 year old Gevalia machine met an untimely death during a recent lightning storm. I then began the hunt for a new machine. Basically, Amazon was my first stop since they have everything. I read all sorts of reviews, and finally settled on this one. I must say, this is by far the best machine I’ve ever owned.In reading the reviews, I found a few gripes that I don’t agree with, so here’s my response to those:1. The number one gripe I see is filling difficulty. The fill hole is much larger than my old machine. Some people said its too small and makes a huge mess. My first time, it did drip a little bit but if you leave the lid off the pot while pouring, works like a charm. Let me put it this way… I wake up in the morning with the jitters, like a fiend looking for…

DJS says:

Everything you could want Hello fellow coffee drinkers. Like most of you I have looked long and hard for a good basic coffee maker. In the last 5 years I have gone through 4 new products and have been quite dissapointed in this whole experience. I mean how hard can it be to make a good coffee maker. I had the basic braun coffee maker for 10 years and loved it. However, two new braun coffee makers later I realized that quality had gone down the drain with the coffee grinds. Then I purchased a krups. I returned it to the store within two weeks as it stopped working. They gave me a replacement which lasted just past the warranty. (figures) Then I tried a GE combo grinder brewer. That was the worst mistake I could have ever made. The first sign that it was garbage should have been when the GE emblem fell off. It leaked. It spilled. I spent more time cleaning than brewing, and thankfully it didn’t last as long as its warranty and I had no intentions of getting another one free or not.I have…

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