Sunbeam FPSBSM2104 Heritage Series 350-Watt Stand Mixer, Red

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Combines durability and performance to fit all your mixing needs. Click here for a larger image Sunbeam Heritage Series 350-Watt Stand Mixer High-quality construction with all-metal housing and a powerful 350-watt motor. A machine that’s truly withstood the test of time, Sunbeam’s Heritage Series stand mixer provides powerhouse performance in a sleek, savvy design. Durably

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Sunbeam Heritage Series Stand Mixer Combines durability and performance to fit all your mixing needs.
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Sunbeam Heritage Series 350-Watt Stand Mixer

Die-cast all-metal housing High-quality construction with all-metal housing and a powerful 350-watt motor.

A machine that’s truly withstood the test of time, Sunbeam’s Heritage Series stand mixer provides powerhouse performance in a sleek, savvy design.

Durably constructed from die-cast metal, the mixer comes equipped with a 350-watt motor for effortless mixing at any speed, and its heavy-duty accessories are color-coded for quick, easy insertion. For added convenience, the stand mixer’s free-spinning bowl amps up overall efficiency, while its off-center bowl means minimal scrapping necessary. Plus, it’s super quiet, so mixing a batch of cookie dough won’t wake the kids during nap time. All this without the hefty price tag (competitive models are typically two to four times as much). What more could you ask for? Robust and Reliable From its three-way mixing action to its 12 speed settings and open-handle design, Sunbeam’s Heritage Series stand mixer provides exceptional convenience. Built to last for generations to come, the stand mixer adds nostalgia and a commanding presence to any busy kitchen. Let the baking begin (Grandma’s recipes not included).

Detailed Features

Triple mixing action Three-way mixing action will create the consistency you need when mixing.
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Unique Bowl Position

The 4.6-quart polished stainless-steel mixing bowl is placed off-center so you can easily add ingredients. This makes it especially convenient if your recipe calls for gradually adding eggs or flour mixtures or incorporating delicate ingredients towards the end of mixing.

The off-center design also allows for scraping while simultaneously mixing–without your spatula getting eaten up.

Durable accessories Color-coded accessories for proper fitting–plus a nylon tip that helps spin the bowl. Click here for a larger image Triple Mixing Action

The Sunbeam Heritage Series stand mixer is designed with synchronized three-way mixing action. Each beater rotates independently of one another, while one beater comes fitted with a white nylon “helper” tip that controls the movement of the mixing bowl, causing it to turn automatically. This hands-free three-way mixing magic swirls batter into the perfect consistency.

Optional bowl 4.6-quart bowl included;
2.2-quart bowl sold separately. Durable Accessories

Two chrome beaters and two dough hooks are included for mixing versatility. The beaters are great for creaming butter and sugar or mixing heavy cake mixes, while the dough hooks take the hard work out of kneading dough and other mixtures. Specially designed to be user-friendly, the attachments come with color-coded bands for proper inserting.

Stainless-Steel Bowl

A 4.6-quart stainless-steel mixing bowl comes included. For smaller jobs, the stand mixer accommodates Sunbeam’s FPSBSMBWSS 2.2-quart stainless-steel bowl (sold separately). Simply slide the selector switch on the base to the large- or small-bowl option.

Multiple Speeds 12 speeds and a powerful torque motor ensures superior mixing performance. Click here for a larger image Tilt-head lock makes clean up easy Use the tilt-head lock to easily remove the mixing bowl and attachments.
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Multiple Speeds

Twelve variable speed settings help ensure superior control for all your recipes. The conveniently located speed control knob is easy to use and read. A slow-start feature, where the selected speed is gradually attained, reduces spatter when the mixer is started, even at a high speed. This feature is useful when whisking lots of egg whites or kneading high-volume flour mixtures.

Tilt-Back Head

The mixer’s tilt-back head makes it easy to change out the accessories or remove the bowl from the platform. Simply push the tilt-release button on the base to raise or lower the head.

Open Handle

One of the mixer’s tried-and-true design elements includes its open handle. Updated with a slip-free rubberized surface, the open handle offers exceptional convenience and a secure grip when transporting the stand mixer from the counter to the table or if storing it away between use.

Recipes Included

Not sure where to start? Sunbeam includes delectable recipes to get you started–everything from make-ahead mashed potatoes to holiday sugar cookies, double chocolate brownies, yellow cake, and bittersweet chocolate frosting. Get ready to wow family and friends with classic favorites and deliciously inspired creations.

Easy Clean Up

Clean up of the stand mixer is a breeze with its tilt-head lock and smooth die-cast exterior. The tilt-head lock makes removing the bowl and accessories a snap. Once removed, the beaters, dough hooks and bowl can be placed in the dishwasher. The mixer’s die-cast head wipes down easily with a damp cloth–plus, no underside seams means no crevices for ingredients to get trapped. In minutes, the mixer’s ready for its next use.

Classic Stand Mixer for Today’s Contemporary Kitchen

The Sunbeam Heritage Series stand mixer brings together brawn and beauty for a fresh, updated mixer with superior performance. Featuring the iconic Sunbeam-brand design elements reminiscent of the classic 1930′s version, combined with modern-day updates, the Sunbeam Heritage Series stand mixer is durable enough for even the toughest mixing jobs.

What’s in the Box

Heritage Series stand mixer, 4.6-quart stainless-steel bowl, 2 dough hooks, 2 chrome beaters, user manual with recipes (cakes, cream frosting, cookies, mashed potatoes, and more)


About Sunbeam

Trusted for Over 100 Years

More than a century after introducing their first electric appliance, the Sunbeam brand continues to create quality products to make your life easier. The company’s rich history, combined with the latest in technology and convenience features, means you’ll save time and money. When you bring home a Sunbeam branded product, you’re bringing home a name with a past–and a product that will last.

In a stamp series featuring trends from the 20th century, the Sunbeam Mixmaster stand mixer was chosen by the U.S. Postal Service as the definitive image of 1930′s household conveniences.

Product Features

  • 12 variable speeds allow soft start ensuring superior control regardless of mixture
  • 3-way mixing action; synchronized bowl and beater automatically increases and decreases speed with adjustment of the control knob
  • 350-watt motor and full die cast metal body combined with non-skid rubber feet keep the mixer completely stable during operation
  • Off-center bowl position lets you add ingredients while in use and results in less scraping
  • Chrome beaters and dough hooks, and stainless steel 4.6-quart mixing bowl included


ut158 says:

Kitchen Aid vs. Sunbeam I have a Kitchen Aid already. I got this because we had one when I was a kid and this was kind of nostalgic. There has been no significant change in the design of the Sunbeam since I was a kid, at least as far as I can remember. I don’t remember the head locking either up or down, but maybe it did, I don’t know. More on that later… I think you are already familiar with the mechanics of how the Kitchen Aid mixes things (the planetary motion) vs how the Sunbeam mixes things (a hand mixer on a stand) so I won’t go into detail on that, other than to express my preferences between the two.Round 1: overall mixing abilityToday I was trying to make banana bread. First I have to cream some butter with eggs and sugar. After this was complete, I threw in some bananas and had the mixer mash them up. It appears that when you have semi-solid things (like butter or bananas) that you are trying to incorporate into a batter, the free-spinning bowl tends to spin the item…

J. Ryan says:

Great looking, hard-working, and virtually mess-free I’m not a real big baker and for the past forty years have gotten by happily enough with a hand mixer, but this handsome, powerful stand mixer is opening new vistas for me. So far I’ve made mashed potatoes, chocolate butter-cream frosting, meringues, and whole wheat bread, and it’s been easier and less messy than my handheld mixer ever was. I can see myself using this more often and for more things because of its greater ease, power, capacity, and the dough hooks, which made kneading bread–something I’ve previously had to do by hand–a snap.I love the 4.6 quart stainless steel bowl with its steep, almost straight sides since it gives me so much depth for mixing and keeps virtually all the splatters within the bowl. With my handheld mixer and more rounded mixing bowls I would inevitably end up with batter on myself, the mixer, and even the counter around where I was working. Now, that just doesn’t happen. Although this is a much bigger and heavier mixer, it’s actually more…

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